Dear Starship

Re: We Built This City on Rock ‘n’ Roll

I have just listened to your “Soft Rock Anthem” and it appears that you expect me to believe that you have successfully completed possibly the most ludicrous design project in the history of architecture, as outlined within it.

Any construction, be it as little as a shed, requires a solid bedrock, typically the embedding into at least three feet or so of soil. A building of significant weight, however, will require very deep foundations, in order to transfer a load from the edifice through an upper weak layer of mud to a stronger deeper layer. There are different types of deep foundations including helical piles, impact driven piles, drilled shafts, caissons, piers, and earth stabilized columns, and the naming conventions vary between different engineers. Said piles are normally of steel, reinforced and pre-tensioned and/or reinforced concrete. Airwaves are most certainly not a suitable platform; your boast to have “built this city on rock and roll” is therefore utterly preposterous.

I apologise unreservedly if you have managed to mount a metropolis upon some twelve bar “blues”, and would be much obliged if you could guide me, perhaps via the world wide web's “Google Earth” or the Automobile Association's superb “route finder” service, to this no doubt wondrous spectacle.

I await your reply in the pre-paid envelope provided.


Derek Philpott

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