Dear The U.K. Subs

Re: I Live In A Car

One can certainly appreciate that your own automative accommodation may have its advantages, The U.K. Subs. It is admittedly unlikely, for one, that such saloon settlement or hatchback habitation would require you to pay council tax, and, unlike most motorists, your transportation would still be of benefit even were the fuel gauge to be ''In The Red''.

Sadly however, my commonwealth locum friendss, I fear, vis a vis your assertion that you ''aint got an I.D. Card'' that this is the most likely reason why the cops try to get you. It is a legal requirement for all road users to hold both a paper counterpart and photo card clearly indicating the holder's full name, address (I am afraid that ''A Car'' is not acceptable) and photographic likeness, to be produced for the inspection of the Police Force or ''C.I.D.'', upon request. Sadly, even were you not to actually start up your home and confine it from a public thoroughfare, one is doubtful that a Statutory Off Road Notification (or SORN) could be applied without an address (once again ''A Car'' being unacceptable, this time to the Post Office) to issue it to.

I also sincerely hope that you are all one day able to fulfill your no doubt long-held ''Ambition'' to be the U.K. Permanents



Derek Philpott



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